This dissertation provides the first comprehensive description of German Rap as a form of poetry.It features the widest research overview yet, critically outlining all the main academic trends in dealing with rap.The main part of the book includes two different approaches. First, the Rapschaffen is determined as poiesis and thus as a literary practice. To this end, the common authorship model is explained, which combines the adoration of standardized poetic craftsmanship with an implicit promise of authenticity. Rapschaffen is than descripted as an aesthetic activity with oral and literal shares.Secondly, main characteristics of the genre are pointed out, regarding media, formal and contentual aspects, as well as their interaction. It shows that rap is particularly applicable to stage the speaker as cool and confident.Finally, the social importance of rap in Germany is recapilated on, pleading for a more conscious perception of the literary practice as a cognitively demanding activity. In this sense the approach sets an example for how methods of literary analysis can be used for cultural diagnosis.

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